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About Us

The DazHomes experience is first-class for three reasons. Number one is our mindset – we think like an owner. Secondly, we engage the latest technology to showcase and manage our clients. Finally, we value innovation because investment in innovation is essential to future success. 

 We Think Like An Owner

Just like you, we think about things like interest rates, permits and asset liquidity. Investing is serious business, and we understand approaching it from an owner’s point of view gives our clients an investment advantage. 

Our unique POV and experience in Georgian real estate means we can provide our clients stats that demonstrate ROI on various properties, depending on region, building type, payment scheme and other lucrative factors. DazHomes has a solid reputation for delivering income-producing opportunities – from our innovative property management service to investment consulting, property and portfolio management. 

A growing number of public and private international clients, from large organizations to small independents, come to us because of our respectability in the Georgian real estate market. They know they can count on us to provide top tier experts, estate services and most importantly quality investments. 

DazHomes: Driven By Technology 

We use the latest technology to feature and manage our clients. Working with talented videographers and photographers we are able to produce cutting-edge visuals – for example VR and 3D assets that intelligently inform potential buyers as well as aid owners in the sale and rental of property. The innovative booking technology we use, combined with our history of providing premier concierge services, give our property management service that money-making edge owners are looking for in the Georgian tourism marketplace. Through our proprietary platform, DazHomes is changing how agents and clients navigate the process of finding, renting and selling a home.

Innovative Development Projects In Georgia 

DazHomes invites you to take advantage of the personal relationships we’ve built working with the most innovative developers in Georgia. We know how lucrative the Georgian market has become – profit from our expertise. DazHomes can secure the property you want and get it at an exclusive DazHomes special price. Review available projects from our Home page, scroll down to Latest Developments.   

If you’re looking to partner with a real estate firm and start making money in Georgia, we invite you to look no further and give us a call here at DazHomes. We are open to sharing our knowledge and experience with you today. Click the Contact tab above and let’s get this conversation started!

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