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DazHomes: Connecting You With Lucrative Development Projects In Georgia

DazHomes invites you to take advantage of the personal relationships we’ve built working with the most innovative developers in Georgia. We know how lucrative the Georgian market has become – profit from our expertise!

We can tell you about the different ROI stats depending on which development company you invest with; we can specify the difference between investing in Tbilisi as opposed to Batumi. DazHomes can secure the property you want and get it at an exclusive DazHomes special price. 

The following development companies bring something unique to the Georgian property market, whether that’s their regional expertise or their commitment to the environment – each one has something special to offer our investors. We have gathered together the most pertinent details you’ll need to get you investing in the Georgian real estate market. 

We’d love to discuss current investment opportunities with you today. Bring us your questions and let’s arrange a time to connect: contact DazHomes here https://dazhomes.com/contact/

DazHomes Starting Price with Daz Discount: $1,230 USD/sq.m
DazHomes starting price with Daz Discount $58,964 USD
DazHomes starting price with Daz Discount   $960 USD/sq.m.
DazHomes Starting Price with Daz Discount: $3,445 USD/sq.m
DazHomes Starting Price with Daz Discount: $69,228 USD
DazHomes Starting Price with Daz Discount: $886 USD/sq.m

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